Book Cover Reveal for the Doctor Approved Cannabis Handbook


It’s a privilege to finally share The Doctor-Approved Cannabis Handbook, for the world to read. At the inspiration of my patients, this book is an authoritative review of the medical treatments that have helped so many thousands of my patients. It’s an explanation of the theories and scientific evidence (100+ references) that support the therapies, a window into the personal experiences of thousands of real people who have discovered the effectiveness of cannabis therapies.These days, we are lucky to witness the return of cannabinoid medicine as a mainstay of medical therapy. Although plant medicine has always been a close companion in the human experience, the bustle of modern life has all but squashed natural medicine out of the picture. Thanks to the courage and determination of generations of passionate advocates, who knew the virtues of cannabinoid medicine, our culture is turning back to its roots, doctors are hearing strong voices of support from their patients, encouraging them to learn what the profession has forgotten.This book is a huge consolidation of the published literature, my clinical experience, and patient voices, for how to understand cannabis and use it to solve real problems, in a very practical way.  I explain the industry, the many ways in which the medicine works, how different systems interconnect, and I highlight specific illnesses and use cases, and share insights, including specific regimens and products, which have helped my patients, over the years.  But, like all medicines, cannabis medicine needs to be fine-tuned to the consumer, and I share tips and practical tools to do that yourself too.  I’ve included recommendations for shopping within the existing marketplace, both regulated dispensaries and CBD stores, as well as options for those who prefer to do it themselves.This is a tour de force of practical cannabis, through a physician’s critical lens, but through eyes that have been opened by data from the scientific community, and rich knowledge and personal insights of real people suffering, enduring, and discovering success.  Everyone deserves a chance at a healthier life.