As someone dealing with chronic pain for years, I\’ve tried almost every over-the-counter medicine and prescription drug you can think of. Most of them offer temporary relief, but the side effects are another story altogether. I\’ve read a lot about the benefits of cannabis for conditions similar to mine, but I\’m torn about how to approach it—should I just head to a recreational dispensary or should I go through the process of getting a medical card?

So, what exactly is the advantage of getting a medical cannabis card? Is there a difference between medical weed and recreational weed, both in terms of quality and efficacy? I need something more potent and focused on symptom relief, and I\’m wondering if going the medical route would offer that. Plus, are there any other benefits that could tip the scale? I\’d appreciate some detailed insight into this. Thank you!

Dr. Caplan Changed status to publish March 19, 2024