I am hoping to formulate the most effective and caring rescue plan for my daughter as we prepare to head to things like drop off classes and eventually school. Her current rescue is oral THC, 5 mg and rectal diastat 7.5 MG through speaking with other parents I have found that the best possible plan is a tiered approach for example; CBD /THC and then liquid oral Valium. Because of her genetic problem, she supposedly has a higher risk of status seizures. She has shown no signs of this so far, however, I am concerned that our plan should include some thing if the cannabinoids don’t work and I don’t understand about the interaction between cannabinoids and the Benzodiazepines. I have learned from other parents that liquid valium can be titrated much more gently and has a quicker recovery when needed.

Dr. Caplan Changed status to publish March 19, 2024